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Automated Robots

Is your job safe? With so much AI and robotic research happening, jobs are becoming automated at faster rates. This week we talk about that automation. Plus, we talking about Facebook cleaning house, Snapchat staying alive, the future of communication apps, Apple’s AR endeavors, Amazon’s new gift cards, Sony’s new company, AMD’s plan to open up, and the FCC proposed rules for cable boxes.

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Automated Show Notes

Facebook has been cleaning house and Parse is the next service to fall. Matthew’s friends were not happy about this one.
Parse Is Shutting Down


Is your job at risk of being taken over by robots? McKinsey put together and interactive chart showing the most like candidates to be replaced by emotionless robots.
The Jobs Most Likely to Be Taken Over by Robots In the Near Future


Matthew’s opinion of Snapchat is changing! I know, crazy. It turns out they might actually be onto something.
Snapchat Leak Reveals Possible Future
And It’s Teens’ Favorite
Snapchat Makes Adding People Way Easier With Profile URLs


Messaging apps are taking off. We dive into the “Conversational Commerce” landscape and while it’s such a fertile ground for development.
2016 Will Be The Year Of Conversational Commerce


Apple is not building a Hololens/Oculus competitor. They’re building a device that can see. Project Tango is probably the closest analogy to what Apple is building. Machine vision first, with some sort of AR output.
Apple Bought Flyby Media
The List Of Purchases
Tim Cook Didn’t Say “No” To VR


Here’s a cool one. Gift cards can feel impersonally. So Amazon figured out a way to make it feel more personal by specifying what the gift card is for.
Amazon’s other physical retail test: A mini bookstore for Kindle ebooks


Sony is kicking butt in the console wars. Unfortunately, the rest of Sony isn’t doing that well. So Sony is spinning off that part of their business into a wholly separate unit.
Sony Is Spinning Off All Playstation Stuff Into A New Subsidiary
Sony Is Outselling Xbox Almost 2 to 1


What do you do when you’re #3 in the chip war? You opening up your code to developers. It probably won’t have a huge impact, but it’s a gutsy move by AMD.
AMD Is Trying To Open Up The GPU


The FCC wants to be able to watch cable on the Apple TV. So they’re proposing rules to allow 3rd parts to make cable boxes. Matthew thinks this is way too much that will just prolong the death of cable providers.
The FCC Wants To Open Up The Cable Box To 3rd Parties

We quickly touch on how Big Data is changing the nature of disruption. It’s no long just about being cheaper. You can now come at new markets by using better data.
How Big Data Is Changing Disruptive Innovation


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