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And we’re back to a “normal” week of tech. This week we start off with the kid on the block: Peach. We then talk about the struggles of Bitcoin and Wikipedia. That’s followed up by the nominations for this year’s Crunchies. There are some good choices! We also talk about Amazon’s new shipping business, an iOS listening hack, Tinder’s secret scoring system and one problem with automation. See below for all the links.

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Crunchies Show Notes


Matthew and James both downloaded Peach and share our review of the new app.
Hype Or Not, Peach Hit The Top 10 Social Networking App List Fast


We’re not totally sure what this means, but we’re pretty sure it’s a good thing. At the very least it means that your costs will be more transparent.
The Two Year Phone Contract Is Dead


James predicted the death of Bitcoin and it appears to be happening. The big problem is that it’s hard to scale something so decentralized. Wikipedia appears to be going through the same growing pains, but actually has a community to support it.
The Collapse Of Bitcoin
Wikipedia At 15


It’s that time of year when TechCrunch decides who the best startups where last year with their annual Crunchies show. We take you through the list for “Best Overall” and “Fastest Rising”.
The Crunchie: Best Overall Startup Of 2015
The Crunchie: Fastest Rising Startup Of 2015


Like we’ve said before, Amazon is focused on Prime and AWS. One issue with Prime is that you get free 2-day shipping. So, the answer for Amazon to save money appears to be to remove the middle main from the transportation equation. What that means is that Bezos is getting a really big boat.
Amazon Is Getting Into Ocean Shipping


It turns out that iOS has a really cool feature that enables your iPhone to read whatever is on the screen to you. This one is definitely worth checking out if you’re on iOS.
Listen: Have almost anything on your iPhone read to you


Humans are incredibly consistent at judging each other’s desirability. Tinder has taken the next step to try and quantify it. It’s kinda awesome and kinda scary.
Tinder Is Secretly Scoring Your Desirability


One interesting problem with automation is that it means you no longer have to do it, which means you get out of practice. This is having a profound effect on pilots because now they’re only flying during the hardest parts, and getting worse at it. This has huge implications for autonomous cars.
Pilots Are Relying On Automation Too Much
The Federal Government Commits To Supporting Autonomous Car Development


Image: candiz.com