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Is the Apple Watch going to change the wearables landscape? We don’t know for sure, but that doesn’t stop us from making bold proclamations. We also talk about Star Wars being released on iTunes, Daimler’s incredible results of the SuperTruck Challenge, Twitter’s better handling of the Quote Tweet, Taylor Swift and the impact of exclusives in the music industry, Chinas Great DDOS Cannon, YouTube’s future subscription plan, how to make antennas a lot smaller, BlueTooth LEGOs, all-electric Aston Martins, and Square’s email product to help brick and mortar retailers send better email.

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2 thoughts on “185: Is The Apple Watch Worth It?

  1. Just FYI* in reference to the iPhone imessage notifications, if VW is your carrier, believe it or not, their sms message app is perfect, for a lot of reasons, but mainly for the Pebble watch notifications. As it lists the name of original sender only and the beginning of the message. Of course you can set this to preferrence also. Which I’m actually surprised you’re not able to do with imessage.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I looked at AT&T doesn’t offer anything sweet like that and I don’t see the option in iMessages preferences. Nice watch band btw. :)

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